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(Written by & featuring women beer drinkers!)
    Let me start by stating that I have found it hard to be taken seriously as a beer enthusiast & cigar aficionado, mainly because I’m an ordinary woman ("Plain Jane") & not really part of the industry. In fact, often in the past when I requested a beer from a date, I’d get a funny look & presented with a light mainstream beer. One time, I let an ex-boyfriend order some cigars for me. He bought the sweet flavored ones. He was quite shocked when I asked to trade with his, which were uniquely spicy & full bodied. What can I say? I like my beer & cigars to match my personality!
    Recently, as in early February 2011, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Jane's Jugs joined Twitter as a literary blog that features local Texas beer & frugal food pairings with the occasional cigar & traveler's tale. Our focus is to produce a literary blog that combines everything local - tasty beer, frugal gourmet food with interesting women. Janesjugs.com launched in March 2011 just in time to celebrate Women’s month & hopefully unite some cool beer-drinking chics every month at a local indie spot!
-- Sarah, Jane's Jugs Editor
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